Your baby’s first steps to a healthy life

If you’re pregnant or your baby is less than 6 months old, find out if your baby is carrying life-threatening metabolic disorders that could affect his future.

What is Newborn Metabolic Screening?

It is a screening for every newborn for many harmful or potentially fatal metabolic disorders (also known as inborn errors of metabolism, or IEMs for short) that are not apparent at birth. An inborn error of metabolism (IEM) is a rare genetic disorder where the affected baby lacks certain enzymes that maintain normal bodily metabolic function, causing the build-up of toxic substances or deficiency of critical substances required for development.

Why Choose Metascreen™

Screening of more than 100 metabolic disorders is now possible with Metascreen™, the most comprehensive non-invasive newborn metabolic screening in Indonesia.

Age Expanded Screening

Age Expanded Screening

Screen your baby from 48 hours (2 days) after birth, up until 6 months of age. Ideally, your baby should be screened between 2 to 7 days after birth.
Simple and Painless Urine Test

Simple and Painless Urine Test

Your baby’s urine can be easily collected by inserting filter paper into the diaper without causing any harm or discomfort to your baby.
Most Comprehensive Coverage in Indonesia

Most Comprehensive Coverage in Indonesia

More than 100 life-threatening metabolic disorders can be detected from a single urine test.
Timely Screening Report

Timely Screening Report

The results will be available within 14 working days upon receipt of urine sample at StemLife laboratory to enable early treatment, if necessary.
Advanced Technology, Accurate Results

Advanced Technology, Accurate Results

Advanced and FDA-approved GC-MS technology combined with proprietary bioinformatics to reliably detect more than 100 metabolic disorders.

Real Stories

Battling with Canavan Disease
Battling with Canavan Disease

Canavan disease is a progressive and fatal cerebral degenerative disease that begins in infancy.

Early detection for effective disease management

Corrigan, now 7, enjoys his time splashing in the inflatable pool, something his parents never knew possible. As soon after birth, he was diagnosed with Citrullinemia.

Appearing normal and healthy at birth, Corrigan’s ammonia levels crept up shortly after birth, with several vomiting episodes followed by progressive lack for energy (lethargy) which set off the alarm that something was not right. A random guess and confirmation through a newborn screening test, Corrigan’s diagnosis of Citrullinemia type 1 allowed for immediate treatment at John Hopkins University. To this day, though Corrigan suffers from periodic stays in hospital due to hyper-ammonia or weaken immune system, he benefits daily from medicine, management and restriction of diet through arginine supplementation.
Did you know: CIT type I affects about one in 57,000 people worldwide, and CIT type 2 can affect one out of 20,000 people in Asia.

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